Aurogra in our country

Written by Administrator Thursday, 08 July 2010 11:26

No one is safe from idiots. Among doctors, they also occur, and people without thinking twice, branding all physicians. Among managers, too, is full of fuck, but they have no blame, because they bring harm can not. The conclusion from this entire one: cretins have to choose a profession, not harmful to others.

One happy - wealth of imagination of these men, if I may say so, copies. Oh, such diagnoses are invented all that simply amazed: and how are you, old man, living with it? I live here somehow.  I do not know how it is to gather so re-build. Let them die, but at least. The system works well: treat - maim again, treat, maim again. So are you in this aurogra is delayed, because that break away from all these troubles will not be so easy and the next incarnation. And how's this life on pills, but pills, when the body does not work? For me it is better to call doctors by Friends of the Death, or the murderer in white coats. This is where they both prefer. God forbid you get sick, especially in our country. You go all the circles of hell and finally ditch.